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3 Sessions with Doctor G

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In these 60 minute healing sessions you will experience Energetic Pelvic Floor Healing to create more Feminine Embodiment in your life.

The Feminine Embodiment sessions support: 

  • Physical symptoms of incontinence (pee when you sneeze, leakage)
  • Low libido & intimacy issues
  • Heaviness in the pelvic region along with emotional and spiritual blockages held here.
  • It can also increase your ENERGY because you have tapped into your creatrix self again. 
  • Brings in your profound wealth connection, because your vagina is how your receive and deliver life. SO, if you aren't connected here, I can GUARANTEE you have a wealth block or two. 
  • Imbalance of your masculine and feminine energy! 

The blocks held in the pelvic floor space can range from:

  • Past trauma and programming
  • Stuffing of ALL of your emotions, emotions have to go somewhere, so guess what? They are often stuffed into the muscles of your pelvic floor. 
  • Religious programming: this area is taught to be "naughty", "dirty", "smelly", "slutty". You are told you must be a good Christian girl, which cuts off ALL Of your delicious sexual energy. 
  • Society programming: which looks like that if you enjoy sex you are a slut and if you don't like sex you are a prude. WITH NO teaching of how to embody this sexuality and sensuality that creates a feeling of power and creativity! 
  • Lack of accessing your creative energy, which leads to low libido, lack of connection to self and no way to channel this energy which literally CREATES LIFE! 
  • The spiritual blockages that occur here can be past life trauma as well as galactic trauma.


As a multidimensional being we typically have several blockages in the pelvic floor and this affects how we relate to the world. This will affect our wealth, receiving, relationships and intimacy. 


Imagine living a life totally plugged into your root energy centers. CONNECTED to your womb space and the POWER of the embodied feminine you are here to BE. This looks like way more energy in your life. You FEEL sexy in your body. Ready to gift and receive your sensual self. You have the creative energy for your life, your business, your relationships and your hobbies. (do you remember what those are?)


What to expect from these distant 1:1 activation sessions: 

The sessions occur in the comfort of your own home. We will move through a brief intake to familiarize ourselves with your visions for healing and activation. This usually takes about 20 minutes. 

Then we move into an activation session. You will typically be lying down somewhere you feel comfortable and safe and where you will not be interrupted for the entire hour. 


After the sessions you will notice an improvement in physical symptoms along with increased libido, deeper connection to self and a divine balance of masculine and feminine  energy ready to be expressed through higher creativity, energy and receptivity.

You will also receive specific energy recommendations to facilitate healing at your deepest level. Andrea G  uses her expertise as a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist and medical intuitive skills to create health tools for you to thrive!   

What you receive: 

THREE 60 minute healing sessions focused on Feminine Embodiment and Pelvic Floor activations

- M-F messenger support for the 6 weeks of that these sessions will take place. This is high level VIP access to me to facilitate your highest level of transformation and is valued at $3,000!

- FREE access a magical course: Activate! Four weeks to bloom in your womb! (Valued at 10K)


What you will need: 

A quiet space for 75 min


Any favorite essential oils

Paper and Pen!


Can't wait to see you soon. 

💓 Andrea G


What People Are Saying:

"I immediately felt drawn to Andrea's energy when I learned about her work through a mastermind program that we were both part of, and when I found out that she does pelvic floor healing and feminine embodiment within the Akashic Records, I had to experience the magic right away! I was absolutely blown away by the deep level of healing and expansion that I experienced during this incredible container with Andrea. Not only did some of the physical symptoms that I was experiencing clear up for me, but I realized that the root of those symptoms were connected to so many other areas of healing that needed to be cleared. I can honestly say that this level of energy healing was one of the absolute best that I have ever experienced, and I will be returning to work with Andrea again and again through her membership and with her other offerings. I am so grateful for how much expansion, peace, and clarity that this has brought to me and to my business. Thank you Andrea!!!"

Emily The Mystic