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High-Level Healing Program

The High-Level Healing Program using Ray of Light Meridian TherapyTM  helps you uplevel your business by giving you energy tools you can use each day to release physical discomfort and merge with your higher self daily.

This allows you to know the direct action that needs to be taken for you and your business to get to the next level.

You expand your intuition and trust. 

You gain powerful tools to use daily

You LOVE acupuncture and now learn how to use energy needles daily to support your body discomfort and feel more grounded and aligned daily.

You remember your innate ability to heal into your DNA - which makes ANYTHING possible!

This service is a distant energy healing process and is done in the comfort of your home or office via ZOOM.

You may purchase one session to experience the healing form and then choose a package that works best for you!

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Three session packages are currently the only packages available outside of a high level 6-9 month container provided by Dr. G.  In a 3 session package you receive three 90 minute sessions with three 45 minute follow up activations, these are limited to 2-3 clients per month, so claim your package now.

3 Sessions 


Doctor G has a few spots open for those requiring and desiring a 6-9 month activation container. Complete our contact form for more information!