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Corporate Healing Program

The corporate healing programs are for businesses that are feeling frustrated and confused in how to support their stressed and confused employees during this massively changing environment.

This is also for companies that have hit their glass ceiling, love their employees and aren’t quite sure what the next level of expansion is for their business. You want to offer more health services to support your staff and you aren’t sure how to do this without affecting work absences and productivity. There is an answer to ALL of this!

Ray of Light Meridian Therapy™ offers a way to bring your staff tools to feel more grounded and in control of their pain management and emotions!

You build a sense of trust, caring and expansion when your staff learns how to heal together in a weekly/biweekly/monthly setting. When we join as groups together in healing, so much is possible. The energy and transformation is amplified.

So, when you invite this healing modality in to support your staff, you invite in an expansion in your business to the next level.

Here are some of the great benefits your staff will experience:

🌟 Gain tools to clear the energy daily. (empowered healing)
🌟 Access meridian systems and learn how to use Ray of Light Needles whenever pain presents itself in the body.
🌟 Learn how to use light therapy to clear stuck consciousness, stagnation and pain from the body
🌟 Learn how to create a healing practice to transform your life every single day.
🌟 Group sessions allow a energetic support network and amplify the healing process while also building trust and deepening relationships.

How your business benefits by investing in this care for your employees:

  • Stress management tools
  • Increased production within the office
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Improved work environment - your employees will feel a greater sense of community
  • Overall improved sense of well being within the entire office
  • Your staff will feel inspired and empowered to make health changes
  • Less sick days
  • Less WCC cases

The Logistics

This service will be set and scheduled on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis depending on the size of your business and specific needs. The healing sessions occur via zoom sessions, so your staff can be anywhere in the world and heal together! 

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To discuss how this can help with the health and healing of your entire company.

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