How COVID-19 Changed the Way I Practice Medicine

general posts Jul 08, 2020

Well, if COVID-19 didn't change things, I am not sure what else did. The entire world has been feeling the effects of this pandemic flowing around to every person and we will continue to feel this for the next 1-2 years with life not going back to what it was before. We will see a lot of systems change and most for a positive influence to the planet. I have learned so much from such a small virus that I hope something I write here inspires you to take something that feels like S&^T and turn it into roses. This is one of my super powers. 


The week COVID really affected my clinic was in March, my husband and I decided to stay home for the suggested "2 weeks". Well, now 5 months later we are both still at home. I quickly realized that I would not go back to my clinic and practice how I thought I was going to. I had just left insurance companies and created a cash practice focusing on Holistic Pelvic Floor Therapy™ created by Tami Kent and integrating a deeper healing with acupuncture and BEMER treatments. I was literally just launching into this amazing package. Then, SHUT DOWN.  I have also worked in urgent care for almost two years. It felt strange to not be helping on a physical level like in urgent care, however I also knew that this was not how I wanted to serve more people. (thank you to all the people who have been doing this!)


Enter an amazing call with my now mentor, Jennifer Longmore, she was offering business calls FOR FREE right when COVID started. And what she told me blew my mind. You see, I had been practicing energy medicine on the down low for several months. What she told me was that I would create an energy school and teach energy acupuncture and that I would support high profile leaders as well. I took the weekend to let this sink in. And then, I jumped in. The energy healing form was at my fingertips. There was no fussing with it. I jumped into group healing, offering free sessions for a week to see what exactly was possible.... The results? Mind blown again. EVERY single person noticed a shift and positive change. Some pain was resolved. Some felt more grounded. People emailed me saying they were able to do the "thing" they had been holding off. I was shocked. So, I jumped in again and I've been jumping since. 


Now, I still hold group healing sessions, individual sessions for transformational leaders and healers, a certification program for healers AND Ray of Light Meridian Therapy™ will be integrated with small and large companies that are ready to create true healing and transformation within their business.  Energy medicine and healing is at it's very beginning and I am so so grateful to be on the cutting edge of such growth and deep healing. 


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