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What is Ray Of Light Meridian TherapyTM?

Ray of Light Meridian Therapy™ is a combination of meditation, light therapy and the ability to access your energy meridians with Ray of Light Energy Needles. It was created to teach each individual that they have an innate ability to heal on all levels and make acupuncture meridians accessible to everyone through the use of focused attention and Ray of Light Energy Needles.

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Hey there! You can call me Dr. G.

I'm so excited to share the power of Ray Of Light Meridian TherapyTM with you. The creation of this healing modality was to solve some of the very real problems we are currently facing with the changing times of 2020.

I'd love to share more the story behind me and the creation of this powerful modality.

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Experience Ray Of Light Meridian TherapyTM?

High-Level Healing Sessions

Doctor G offers Ray of Light Meridian Therapy™ private sessions for high profile executives and entrepreneurs to help them break through their self-created glass ceilings. As you clear your energy systems, you create new energetic patterning that allows you to step into your next level of greatness.

In an individual session you will receive deep energy healing, tools, and skills to use daily to create the next level of success in your business and life and begin to feel the freedom of your energy running smoothly.

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Corporate Wellness Healing Program

When you work with Doctor G and her team of certified Ray of Light Meridian Therapy™, you will find that you and your employees increase productivity, improve interpersonal relationships and communication and create an environment of support and understanding.

You and your employees will gain an ability to move through the emotional, physical and spiritual limitations and your entire company will expand with this deep healing of each individual.

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Become Certified

Ray of Light Meridian Therapy™ 8-week & 6 month certification programs

Ray of Light Meridian Therapy™ has an 8 week and 6 month certification programs, this is for ALL health practitioners, coaches and leaders that are ready to elevate and liberate their business. This program integrates self-mastery of the form and moves you into teaching and supporting groups of people healing together.

You also gain powerful business tools each week to move your business online so you can support your clients from anywhere. If you choose to still have a brick and mortar it is on your time and choice in your VIP clients you are working with.

At the end of the program you will have transformed immensely personally and gained 50 recorded hours of self mastery. You will have completed 50 hrs of group healing sessions and performed this form in a group with Doctor G and her team to receive a certification allowing you to practice healing and helping your clients from anywhere!

In addition to all that goodness, you gain powerful energy tools every single week expanding your business in SO a multitude of ways!

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